"Real Stories From People Using Our
Products To Braid And Weave Hair
Just Like The Professionals!"

"I Ordered The Micro Braids DVD, And It Was Phenomenal"

I ordered the Micro Braids DVD, and it was phenomenal. At first I was a little skeptical, but after seeing the price I figured I should give it a try. Paying such a small price for something that could increase your skills, as well as your cash flow makes the process worthwhile. The DVD along with the tips are really helpful, and I encourage anyone to buy it.

Lisa Henry ‐ New Orleans, LA

"I Was Able To Put Kinky Twists In My Daughter's Hair! She Loved Them, And So Did Everybody Else"

Hi Marquetta! I just wanted to say that I love your DVDs. My daughter wanted kinky twists in her hair, but I was not going to pay all that money to have someone else do it and possibly take her hair out. So, I ordered your kinky twist DVD, and I watched it over and over and over. Your instructions and steps were so easy, that I was able to put kinky twists in my daughter's hair! She loved them, and so did everybody else; so I have been scheduling people to do their hair! Thank you, Thank You AND Thank You so much for sharing your talent with the rest of us! May GOD continue to bless you!

Nicole Everett ‐ New Castle, DE

"If You Love Hair, This Is The DVD For You"

 I don't even know where to start. I don't think I have enough words to tell you how pleased I am with your DVD. This DVD is so good, fun and simple to learn. I would advise anyone who loves to do hair to get this, because it's the BOMB! I think i'll be doing my own hair now and when i'm finished learning, I think I'll start making money out of it. Thanks Marquetta, you're the best. Please don't stop sharing your talent. To all who may read this, this is no joke. If you love hair, this is the DVD for you. Again it's just the bomb!

Jamila Connor - Miami, FL

"I Was Able To Use The Skills Learned Immediately In The Shop "

I have enjoyed my DVD ever since I opened the mail! The information is given in such excellent simplicity, that anyone could learn to braid hair! I was able to use the skills learned immediately in the shop and received rave reviews from my client! I plan to travel to Charleston, which is only a 2 hour drive for me and get the hands on training! I saw other sites, yet none compared in price and were not as informative as Mrs. Breslin's. I will continue to utilize her site and all products and educational tools she has to offer!

Cassandra Hammonds ‐ Columbia, SC

"Thanks Marquetta For Giving Such Clear And Concise Instructions"

 I always wanted to know how to do a professional looking weave. I had seen people do them but I still couldn't quite .get it to look professional. After watching the dvd weaving video created by Braids by Breslin, I now know every detailed step to creating an undetectable weave! Thanks Marquetta for giving such clear and concise instructions in your videos!

Tie Pough - New York, NY

"I've Also Been Able To Increase My Clientele By 20 More People!"

I can definitely testify for the great benefits of investing in the 2 DVDs (Learn How To Do: Weaves and Micro Braiding) from Braids By Breslin, LLC. I truly felt as though Marquetta was taking me by the hand to show me step by step. Since then, I now have been able to perfect the art of braiding and weaving. I've also been able to increase my clientele by 20 more people! THANKS A BUNCH MARQUETTA BRESLIN! I would recommend anyone to your website who have a true hunger for making their business prosper!

Chasity Shipman ‐ Irmo, SC

"I Have Enjoyed The DVDs That I Have Ordered From Braids By Breslin"

I have enjoyed the DVDs that I have ordered from Braids By Breslin. I do hair as a part-time job and I work for the local government full-time. The videos that Mrs. Breslin did show you step-by-step everything that is needed and also it shows you step by step everything that you are to do to achieve this hairstyle. If I did not know how to do hair these videos would have showed me and had me working a hairstyle in a second. Some of my friends that do hair but yet don't know certain styles I share the videos with them and they love them. They stated that they have never seen a video that shows you everything to a point. I thank Mrs. Breslin for all the hard work that she has put into these videos.

Nykesha Jackson ‐ Petersburg, VA

"Now I Can Do Their Hair For Them And I Feel So Happy"

Hi! Thanks for the training on the DVD. It's was really a blessing to me because I have 2 girls and taking them to a braider was a lot of money. Now I can do their hair for them and I feel so happy. I don't feel like being a liability when comes to my kids hair. It's really a joy to get something you've yearned for. God richly bless you .

Cynthia Partey ‐ Socorro, NM

"It's Really Awesome To Finally GetKnowledge On How To Do Something You've Always Wanted To Do"

Before I ordered your braiding tapes I really didn't understand how to lock the Kinky Twists. But when I saw the trick to keeping them locked I got them down quickly. The DVD's also taught me how to get the hair close to the scalp when doing singles. It's really awesome to finally get knowledge on how to do something you've always wanted to do. I recently ordered the Weave Compilation DVD, but haven't tried it out yet on anyone. I'm going to work my mannequin to death before I do the real work. I just want to say thank you for taking time to show your work and giving everyone a chance to learn your techniques. Keep doing what you're doing!

Juanita Dawson ‐ Glendale, AZ

"You've Definitely Given Me The Confidence To Be More Creative With Cornrows"

I was definitely no expert when it came to doing cornrows. I looked at instructional pictures a while back, and got the hang of it from there... my niece was always my test subject. After watching the Cornrow Compilation DVD, I finally understood the basics of doing cornrows. Watching Marquetta's hands as she explained the braiding technique helped me learn how to do the criss-cross cornrow design. I've done cornrows on my niece since watching that video, and even my sister noticed how much I'd improved. She said, "I've got to watch that video...you've learned how to do some fancy things now!" Thanks to Marquetta, and the excellent videos that she's helped to make. You've definitely given me the confidence to be more creative with cornrows.

Joni Wright ‐ Acworth, GA

"Your Videos Are Wonderful, Professional, And Very Easy To Follow And Learn From"

I have been working in the corporate workforce for about 10 years now and I'm also working on my Masters Degree. I must however say that my passion has always been doing hair. Having two children, going to school full-time and working full-time I've always found the time to do hair, even if it's my own or one of my girlfriends. I have looked for along time for training videos or classes to improve my technique and I feel so very blessed to have found your site. You are truly a miracle worker. Your videos are wonderful, professional, and very to easy to follow and learn from! Prior to me finding your site and purchasing your videos, I had put a weave in my hair and when to a salon (GJ) to get it cut and the whole time the beautician complimented me on how beautifully done my hair was. She mentioned that a lot of clients come thru requesting weaves or other forms of hair extensions and if ever I wanted to make some extra money, she would send a couple of clients my way! Well a couple of weeks after that I received a few calls from her clients and did what I believe was a mediocre job with their hair (however they loved it!) I have since watched your video and even purchase one of the mannequins to practice on and cannot wait to apply what I've learned. If they loved what I considered mediocre, just wait till they see my new techniques, all thanks to you Marquetta! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Nicole Bryson - Seattle, WA

"I Ordered The Four Hairstyles In One DVD And I Have Done My Daughter's Micro Mini Braids"

I've been a licensed cosmetologist since 1999. I have always said that I don't do braids or weaves requiring braids (fear of the unknown). But when I decided to take on doing my daughter's hair, I ordered the FourHairstyles In One DVD and I have done my daughter's micro mini braids!From the wonderful and professionally demonstrated methods of weaving,I've decided to make a name for myself and do weaves! Who would have thunk it? I'm so ridiculously excited that I have decided to come out of my "hiatus" and resume doing hair, my soon-to-be forte being"weaves". It's a new season, it's a new day. God has used you,Marquetta! Bless God for your marriage union that really took your gifts to a new level. Great Purpose!

Fontonya Holt ‐ Calumet City, IL

"There's So Much I've Learned From This DVD"

This was an eye opening experience, there's so much I've learned from thisDVD that now I'm a better braider and weaver. It really gives me a real good feeling thank you Marquetta.

Carla Williams ‐ Montreal, Quebec

"Braids By Breslin Has Helped Me To Take The Next Step And Rent A Chair At A Salon In My Area"

Braids By Breslin has helped me to take the next step and rent a chair at a salon in my area. I have confidence in my work and when I do my clients hair I now do it with passion. I'm truly concern about the health of my client's hair.

Danetta Collins ‐ Orlando, FL

"You Walked Me Through The Weaves DVD Step-By-Step And Gave Great Advice That Benefits Me And The Client"

Dear Marquetta and the Braids By Breslin team, my name is Anthony. I ordered the Weaves DVD about 2 weeks ago. Everyday the mail was delivered I grew excited and wanted to see if it arrived. When it came I popped it right into my DVD player and watched it. In my house we have dozens of mannequin heads and I practiced on them, over and over while repeating the video! Your video provides exceptional angles that truly captures what you're doing, you walked me through the Weaves DVD step-by-step and gave great advice that benefits me and the client! I thought this video was fabulous! The more practice I did each day, the more experienced and easier the braiding became! I am so glad that I ordered from Marquetta, I can honestly say you helped me make the world a more beautiful place! Anthony P.S.- My hair is a weave :D!

Anthony Sarantopoulos ‐ Countryside, IL

"I Realized That I Was Braiding The Wrong Way"

I am glad that there is someone out there that is not afraid of people learning their skills. I highly appreciate you for sharing your gift to others. I always wanted to go back to school to take a class on braiding hair correctly, but due to my busy schedule I was never able to attend. I prayed one night that God would help me find a hair video for braiding. I felt so relieved to find your web site. I realized thatI was braiding the wrong way. Your video's has really helped me feel like I know what I am doing now. Thank you for blessing me so I can bless others.

Felicia Redding ‐ Detroit, MI

"You Have Definitely Gave Me The Knowledge That Will Help Me Be A Successful Hair Braider"

Marquetta! At first I was a little skeptical about this, but then I decided to give your Complete Training Package set a try. Marquetta,your DVDs have blessed me...honestly! As a college student, I came to across-road on what to do with my life, either continue going Pre-Med,(which I was not happy doing) or do something else. Now as aCosmetology student you have definitely gave me the knowledge that will help me be a successful hair braider in my own shop....You have earned a loyal customer for life! Thanks! Have a Blessed Day!

Evene Hopes ‐ Victoria, TX

"I Was Doing Kinky Twists For My Mom's Friend And When I Was Finished She Told Me She Owns A Salon And Would Like For Me To Work There"

With the DVD's I been waiting to get my whole life I have finally got it and its all thanks to Marquetta. At such a young age I am able to do hairlike it's nobody's business. One day I was doing Kinky Twists for my mom's friend and when I was finished she told me she owns a salon and would like for me to work there because she was looking for people. But the problem was that I was not licensed so on the weekends I go for just 2-3 hours and do Kinky Twist for the customers. I have been so happy to do hair and I thank you so much for providing something for people to receive so much blessing and benefits.

Isha Williams ‐ Rockvillecentre, NY

"I Have Increased My Income By Offering Services I Thought I'd Never Be Able To Do"

Hello, since I've been ordering from Braids By Breslin I have increased my income by offering services that I thought I'd never be able to do.Thank you Marquetta!

Keisha Evans ‐ San Diego, CA

"I Ordered And Received The "Beginner's Pack" And Must Tell You That It Was So Simple To Understand The Techniques On How To Braid Cornrows And Micro Braids"

I ordered and received the "Beginner's Pack" and must tell you that it was so simple to understand the techniques on how to braid cornrows and micro braids. It was also effortless to comprehend the techniques on how to do kinky twists and weaves. I and my husband were very impressed in the timely manner in which I received these materials. Also,congratulations on your "Insider's Club"! I will be extremely delighted to become a member of your "Insider's Club" and wish you all continued success.

Shanda Walker ‐ St. Louis, MO

"I Ordered The Micro Braid DVD And The Weaves DVD And I Love Them Both!"

I ordered the Micro Braid DVD and the Weaves DVD and I love them both!After watching them, I realized I was braiding my daughter's hair wrong but with the easy to follow steps and the repeating of the steps what you provided was great. I just would like to say thank you for sharing your talent with us all.

Tanya Burney ‐ Upper Darby, PA

"I Learned So Much From The Weaves Video That I Went Back And Purchased The Weave Compilation: Volume 1 DVD"

I was a little skeptical when I purchased the DVD. But I learned so much from the Weaves video that I went back and purchased the WeaveCompilation: Volume 1 DVD. I have been putting weaves in my friend's and family's hair for years. Your DVD's are so easy to follow and thatI'm using your techniques my weaves are better then ever.

Theresa Mwiula ‐ Springfield, MO

"I Did My Daughter's Micros Shortly After Receiving The DVD And They Came Out Fantastic!"

Hi Marquetta, I just wanted to say God bless you for your talent and for the willingness to share it with others. I have always wanted to knowhow to do micros, a quicker way to do weaves, and how to do kinky twists. Well I must say that your DVD has taught me how. I did my daughter's micros shortly after receiving the DVD and they came out fantastic! They looked just like she had then done professionally, and she received and is still receiving many compliments as well as individuals are asking me to do their hair. I'm going to cosmetology school to receive my license so that I can open up my own shop. Thank you again for everything you are doing to change people's lives and for sharing your talent.

Tracy White ‐ Olympia Fields, IL

"With Your DVDs I Was Able To Learn How To Braid Individuals AND Do Weaves All On My Own"

Hi, Mrs. Breslin. I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful DVDs. For along time now I've always been curious as to how weaves and braids were done. But when I would ask someone to teach me they were either too busy, or didn't want to teach me for fear that I would "steal"business. Well with your DVDs I was able to learn how to braid individuals AND do weaves all on my own. You have motivated me so much that I have decided to go into cosmetology and I will be starting in the next few weeks. I love that I can do something I've always wanted to do and make a decent living to support me and my daughter. May God continue to bless you and your family Mrs. Breslin, and thank you for sharing your gift with the world. Felisha

Felisha Jones ‐ Inglewood, CA

"I Have Just Been Overwhelmed With Clients Who Want An Undetectable Weave"

Since receiving the DVDs by Braids By Breslin I have just been overwhelmed with clients who want an undetectable weave. It doesn't get any better than this! Thank you so much! I am so grateful, it feels good to feel like I really know what I'm doing when it come to doing a weave. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Courtnee Greene ‐ Rocky Mount, NC

"I Ordered The Kinky Twist Video From Braids By Breslin And It's One Of The Most Informative Braiding Videos I've Ever Seen!"

Hi!My name is Ja'Vera Thomas. I'm 24 years old and I love trying new things. I ordered the Kinky Twist video from Braids By Breslin and it's one of the most informative braiding videos I've ever seen! I didn't even know how to braid before I watched this DVD, now everyone is asking: "girl who taught you how to kinky twist?". And you know what I tell them? "That's my little secret". If you do or don't know how to braid you should at least purchase one of these videos just to step ya game up! They're greeaaat! Thanks Marquetta.

Ja'Vera Thomas ‐ Danville, VA

"I Am Now Confident That When I Get A Client That Wants Braids Or Weaves I Can Do It"

I always wanted to order your Braiding & Weaving videos but just wasn't to sure. So I added your web site to my favorite and decided to continue my engine search. But for some reason the more I search the more your site kept popping up. So I said to myself this must be the one. I ordered The Complete Training Package because I said to myself that even though I know how to braid that you can probably teach me amore easier way or quicker way to do it. I do have my cosmetology license but I am always willing to learn more. I am very pleased with everything that I have received from you. The DVD's are very detailed and I'm sure anyone can really benefit from them. I know I have, so thank you very much Marquetta Breslin for everything that you have taught me. I am now confident that when I get a client that wants braids or weaves I can do it! I am making more money too.

Kellie Scott ‐ Chester, PA

"The DVD That I Received Was So Understandable That Even My 2 Year Old Daughter Was Attempting To Weave Her Dolls Hair Right Along With Me"

I really thank you for taking the time out to make these products for people like myself. Even though I obtained my cosmetology license, my teaching was focused mostly around learning the basics and passing the exam. LOL So I could be at times what you called unfollically challenged. But since watching and working with your product, I have been able to take my basic knowledge and extend my clientele. The explanation and walkthrough on the DVD that I received was so understandable that even my 2 year old daughter was attempting to weave her dolls hair right along with me. I just once again want to say thank you for making such wonderful, quality products. Sincerely a LoyalCustomer, Tulaya.

Tulaya Washington ‐ Spring, TX

"I Sat Down And Did My Own Hair And It Came Out Perfect"

The first time I went to the salon and had my hair done in kinky twists I knew I had to learn to do it myself. I looked all over the internet for how-to books tapes and a DVD on kinky twists. One day I came across your website. I thought to myself, why not it's worth the try. Deciding to order Marquetta's DVD was the best thing i've ever done. I watched her DVD once and it was very easy for me to follow. I sat down and did my own hair and it came out perfect. I do plan on ordering more DVDs from Braids By Breslin in the near future.

Lawanda Pereira ‐ Greenville, SC

"My Business Has Grown And I Am More Confident In My Work"

Dear Marquetta, when my daughter found your website, we were so excited.Your website introduced me to the training opportunity that I needed for a long time, it was also informative and inexpensive. Before ordering your video, I was styling and weaving. Sometimes better than others but after ordering your video, I saw the techniques and applied them exactly as you indicated in the DVD. Today, my business has grown and I am more confident in my work attitude. Marquetta, thanks so very much. Your friend, Esther

Esther Edwards ‐ Ontario, Canada

"I Can Now Do Kinky Twists And Cornrows With No Problem"

Wow were can I start! First, when I was doing a general search on the net for braids I came across Braids By Breslin so I was like, "Ok the webpage looks very professional and also there was a money back guarantee so I figured I had nothing to lose". Well, the DVDs were everything and more than what I expected. The clearness and the slow motion with great angles makes it easy to see and learn. I told my friends and family about Marquetta, my mom said she wishes this DVD was out years ago whenI was little. I now can do kinky twists and cornrows with no problem and gained the feeling of accomplishment with learning a new skill. Iam a customer for life!

Alice Jones ‐ Dolton, IL

"Definitely Worth The Money"

After having purchased your Four Hairstyles In One DVD last year, I wanted to learn how to do the popular two-strand kinky twist style. So, after the recommendation on LHCF (www.longhaircareforum.com) I made the purchase. The instructions on the DVD are perfect and I love the way the steps are repeated throughout making the DVD. The quality and instructions are clear and precise. Definitely worth the money. Every 3months it costs me £9.98 ($17.45) to do my hair, needless to say it will save me hundreds per year and thousands in a lifetime. I'm going back to the DVD to study the cornrows and weave section as I'm going to attempt to do a weave on my own head.

Naomi Miller ‐ London, UK

"Thank You For The Wonderful Video"

Hi Marquetta, just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful video. I have always wanted to braid others hair but could never figure out the technique to do it. With the video that I received a few weeks ago it's like learning how make a turkey on paper with your hand print. It's that easy. Now that I have the video, i can do what i've always loved to do and not be scared of what the out come would be. Thanks!

Sheena Randolph ‐ Plano, TX

"The Verbal And Visual Instructions Are Very Clear"

I found the "Four Hairstyles In One" DVD tobe a great tool for me. The Verbal and Visual instructions are very clear, and each step is easy to follow, and understand.So if you are looking to add versatility in your skills, this is the DVD to add to your video educational collection!

Stephanie Singleton ‐ Burbank, CA

"I Now Feel Comfortable And Confident Enough To Twist Other People's Hair"

I bought the Kinky Twists DVD and I have been doing my family's hair ever since.I've always wanted to learn how to kinky twist so I can save myself and others from paying out lots of money at salons. By watching the DVD by Breslin and practicing, I now feel comfortable and confident enough to twist other people's hair. Thanks Marquetta!

Vidie Williams ‐ Buffalo, NY

"The DVD Turned Out To Be Informative And Detailed"

When I stumbled across Braids By Breslin on the internet, I was so amazed first at the website full of information and her DVD collection of different Weave and Braid techniques. Once I received my DVD, I immediately opened it and began to watch with intensity. The DVD turned out to be informative and detailed. Thank you Braids by Breslin! A Very Happy Customer!

Audrey Thompson ‐ Portsmouth, VA

"I Nearly Doubled My Profits"

I am a professional hair stylist and after I got my license I got intimidated by all the new braiding and weaving styles coming out. I first started off with the Kinky Twist DVD and then the Micro Braids.It was the best thing that I could have ever bought for myself. I learned to do Kinky Twists before the video was up, same with MicroBraiding. I nearly doubled my profits by adding these new styles under my belt. I look forward to buying more and learning more from Braids ByBreslin.

Romena Thomas ‐ Patterson, NJ

"I Have Benefited Greatly"

I have benefited greatly from this DVD because it has taught me the correct way to attach the weave to my hair when I'm doing micro braids.Also, I have never done the two strand kinky twists but from looking at the DVD I feel confident enough to do my own.

Kawana Williams ‐ St Louis, MO

"I Highly Recommend Your Website To My Friends And Others Who Want To Learn The Art Of Braiding"

I have bought videos, DVDs, from other websites and I was so unhappy with my purchases. Yet, when I ordered from your site the DVD was brand new, and the quality was excellent.I highly recommend your website to my friends and others who want to learn the art of braiding and to those who already know how to braid but don't know the proper techniques, different styles, etc. I printed your website to show to my friends so they didn't have any problem finding your website. Thank you, your site is a blessing to everyone!

Ruby Barnes ‐ Richmond, VA

"After Applying What I've Learned From You Now Business Is Great"

Hi Marquetta, I bought the Cornrow Compilation and the Four Hairstyles inOne DVD as a birthday gift to myself and I must say it was worth it.I've been braiding hair for about five years and business is okay but after applying what I've learned from you now business is great.I've bought hair instructional videos in the past and have always returned them because I wasn't satisfied but I am very satisfied with your products and will be a life long client. Thank you so much.

Alicia Jones ‐ Baltimore, MD

"I Have Done Two Heads Already And Everyone Is Happy And Pleased"

I was looking for a DVD on how to do a Latch hook weave. I stumbled across your website in my search. I sent you an email asking if you had a DVDon Latch hook weave and you were prompt in your reply and my interest was peaked. I ordered your DVD on Kinky Twist. I have done two heads already and everyone is happy and pleased. My clients have already referred several new clients to me. I also ordered your WeaveCompilation: Volume 1 DVD and have completed an Interlock Weave on my mannequin head and am very happy with the results. So as a result I am very happy and very pleased. Keep up the Good Work, job well done.Thank you so much!

Karyn Johnson ‐ Blue Island, IL

"Your Step-By-Step DVDs Taught Me To Learn The Correct Way To Braid Hair, Do Weaves, And Twists"

The hair DVDs has been very beneficial to me. I have always wanted to learn how to braid hair, do twists, weaves, and never knew the techniques to accomplish my goals; however your step-by-step DVDs taught me to learnt he correct way to braid hair, do weaves, and twists. I have even ordered a beauty school practice head to practice braiding hair with extensions. I would love to braid hair as a second income. I think you truly care about your clients, and that is very lovely. You are a trueChristian and I thank God you made your knowledge and talent available to others.

Michelle Booker ‐ Chandler, AZ

"After Watching Your Wife's Video And Reading Your Book I Believe That I Can Really Do This"

I don't know how to thank you and your wife for all of the help that you have provided me. I have been braiding hair for ten years, and haven't had the desire to branch out and do different styles, but after watching your wife's video, and reading your book, I believe that I can really do this. I just didn't know where to start, but you have shown me now, and I will take all this to heart. Thank you for being very professional.

Zaina Ware ‐ Omaha, NE

"After Receiving Your DVD's I Have Been Able To Do My Own Braids"

I learned how to braid hair when I was just a little girl. For many yearsI paid people to braid my hair for me. After receiving your DVD's I have been able to do my own braids and have learned new options for finishing the ends of my braids. I'm looking forward to receiving more education from you in the future. Thanks so much, and please keep up the good work!

Cassandra Alexander ‐ Lee's Summit, MO

"With Your Help I Am Beginning To Rebuild My Confidence And It IsFeeling Great!"

First of all I would like to say God Bless you for being obedient to your father in heaven! I went to hair school back in 1997 through the career center when I was in high school I did not complete! Knowing that doing hair is a gift God gave me I allowed myself to run from whatI was called to do.... I was afraid So here I was using Google to find out how I can be successful with this gift I been running from. Then I found you... Taking my time I studied your website and by the time I was done I really believed God placed you in life for a reason. I went home and told my fiancé about what I had found. He told me go ahead and buy it. I bought the The Complete Package and all I can say is WOW!With your help I am beginning to rebuild my confidence and it is feeling great! I so excited...I have know doubt in my mind that I am good at what I do now! I have 3 girls and they all have braids, I've been doing sows in to lately I can't wait to have more clients and I know with God's help and yours I will be a blessing to others!!!!!Thank u so much.

Tasha McClure ‐ Columbus, OH

"With Marquetta's DVD's And Good Advice I Will Be Able To Keep My Clients Hair Healthy And Keep My Client's Coming Back"

As a hairdresser for 25 years I decided to do something different, but still in hairdressing. Out of the blue as I was looking on the internet for hair products, it was my luck that I click with my browser into this page in front of me by accident this beautiful lady MarquettaBreslin it read (Learn Braiding & Weaving) I was so happy I thankGod because I have asked many African salons to teach me and have been refused, breaking my brains how to learn, and who will teach me Marrquetta's DVD'S look great and with them I know I will learn everything I want to know with only a small amount of dollars" I will learn everything I need for Braiding/Weaving and with Marquetta's DVD's and good advice I would be able to keep my clients hair healthy and maintain my client's coming back, and make as much money as I want, not only braiding but the extras that come with the DVD'S. I am so happy with this technique I am learning, without Marqetta's DVD'S and good advice I would not be able to learn the proper way and be a professional creative braider, (Marquetta you have done it for me) I will never forget you. Warmest regards yo you and the staff.

Anna Kypreos ‐ Sydney, Australia

"I Recently Finished A Weave On My Goddaughter's Hair; She Loved It And Received Many Compliments"

I can honestly say that with a little time and some patience I am now ready to professionally braid my own hair in kinky twists and micro braids. The weave portion of the video was also very helpful. When sewing a weave in the past, I would always braid left to right, but could never figure out what to do with those ends! I can now happily say that I know just what to do. As a matter of fact I recently finished a weave on my goddaughter's hair; she loved it and received many compliments. I can now happily say that I know just what to do. I personally wish to say THANK YOU for sharing your God-given gifts at such an affordable price!

Elena Hargraves ‐ Oakland, CA

"In Only A Short Time I Was Braiding My 2 Year Olds Hair"

I ordered the cornrow DVD and I started practicing a couple of days after that. Since I stay at home with my little ones I have a little more time to practice. I couldn't believe how precise Mrs. Breslin was on this DVD. It was funny because she even did close ups of how to put a rubber band in your hair! In only a short time I was braiding my 2 year olds hair and now my husband is growing his hair out just so I can braid it for him! In a little while I plan on using this new found talent to gain a little independence financially.

Reagan Thomas ‐ Addison, TX

"I Can Proudly Say That I'm Now One Of The Best Braiders And Weavers In Town"

I've always desired to be creative with my hands, but I never knew how to go about it. I tried contacting some people I knew who were hair stylists,so I could learn from them. I even offered giving a free service to them in return if they help me perfect what I knew already. I actually knew how to make cornrows, but I wasn't perfect in the weave and braids. All I wanted to learn was how to make a perfect weave and braids but none of them offered to help me out. I got online and lucky me, I came across Breslin By Breslin. I placed an order for "TheComplete Training Package". I got my kit that very week and the video was so clear and instructional. I can proudly say that I'm now one of the best braiders and weavers in town. All in regards to Breslin. I've started my hair business and I believe I will be successful in it inJesus name.

Jane Macbeth ‐ Douglasville, GA

"Now I Can Do Kinky Twists!"

Thank you so much for your Kinky Twists DVD. Its true people, just When you thought you couldn't do Kinky Twists correctly or at all, here comes the DVD. I got it! I got it! I got it! I am not a licensed stylist butI do hair for my children and friends. I always was a plain braider for the boys in the neighborhood and I did little curves and parts for the girls. But now I can do Kinky Twists and also learning how to do weaves from my other DVD I ordered. I want to thank you again Marquetta, for sharing your gift to others. I am just a neighborhood braider but I am thinking of getting my braiding license and making a little money thanks to your DVDs. I will not share your secrets but I will share your love to the neighborhood.

Phyllis Washington ‐ Richmond, VA

"I've Been Doing Braids And Weaves For A Long Time And I Was Good But Now I'm Great"

I ordered "The Beginner's Pack" and it was great! I've been doing braids and weaves for a long time and I was good but now I am great. Your DVDs put me on another level. I just want to say thank you and keep up the great work! Customer for life!

Kitara Lewis ‐ Butner, NC

"Within The Last Week, I Received 6 New Clients Just From Doing One Head Of Kinky Twists"

Marquetta I just wanted to let you know that since I have bought your video, my clientele has picked up fast. Within the last week, I received 6 new clients just from doing one head of Kinky Twists. You are a life saver and God has truly blessed you and I appreciate you for pouring out and sharing your love for hair to me. If anyone wants to improve their hair business buy a DVD, its okay to ask for help. **He who hesitates is lost** Proverb

Shecole Faison ‐ Winter Haven, FL