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"Give Me 30 Minutes and I'll Teach You How To Create A Beautiful Cornrow/Weave!"

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From: Marquetta Breslin
Summerville, SC
December 06, 2016

In Just Under 10 minutes, You’ll Discover

  • How to cut your Cornrow/Weave time by 40%!
  • Why you CAN have large cornrows!
  • The fool proof way to ensure your cornrow weave looks flawless!
  • And much more!

Learn All Of My Own Personal Cornrow/Weave Tips In This Online Video

After receiving a ton of emails and phone calls asking how to do this cornrow/weave style, I decided film a downloadable video demonstrating my technique for creating this beautiful style!

You can be certain that after viewing this online video, you’ll be able to apply the techniques I demonstrate right after you watch it. You can literally get started today!

On Sale $10 Retail $19
Buy Now (Only $10)

YES Marquetta! I’m Ready To Get Started!

  • I’m ready to start doing Cornrow/Weaves like a professional! I understand that buying your Cornrow/Weaves Online Video is the fastest and easiest way to do it. I understand that:
  • Once I purchase, my online video video is instantly available for the low price of just $10.00. I understand that I will be billed only once.
  • You make no promises or guarantees that I will produce any specific result or income as a result of purchasing. My efforts and my business are individual and unique, and may vary from those shown, stated or implied.
  • I am about to be privy to highly sensitive information. So I promise never to reveal, disclose, or share the information I learn on this video.
  • My purchase is 100% Guaranteed. If I’m not able to do perfect Cornrow/Weaves after watching your online video, I can ask for a complete refund with no questions asked within 30 days.
On Sale $10 Retail $19
Buy Now (Only $10)

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