Hair Weaves & Weaves

What Are Weaves?

Weaves are a great choice for changing your look dramatically, and involve synthetic or human hair attachments which are woven into your existing hair. Weaves have evolved over the decades, and are greatly improved over those from the 1960's. Aside from their beautiful look, hair weaves add volume to existing hair and successfully conceal thinning hair as well.

How Long Does A Hair Weave Take And How Long Will My Weave Last?

A weave can either be sewn or glued in, and the process generally takes from 1 to 4 hours. When maintained with care, glued-in weaves last up to three weeks, while sewn-in weaves last up to 6 weeks. No matter what kind of weave style you're going for, a professionally-created weave can flawlessly deliver the look you want.

Video instructions to help you learn how to create perfect Weaves.

Marquetta Breslin

CEO & Founder