Quick Weave

What Is A Quick Weaves?

A Quick Weave is one of the hottest, most exciting new hair trends today. Applied using bond, it's a full-head weave - without the long and tedious process involved in a classic weave. In a Quick Weave, the client's hair is usually gelled either in a wrap, straight back or into a low ponytail.

Once the hair is secure, the extension hair is applied to the canvas to create a full, luscious look. There are several different styles and textures that can be used for this weave technique.

How Long Does A Quick Weave Take?

The actual process of bonding the weave to the canvas only takes about 45 minutes. However, you must factor in the time the client needs to sit under the drier for the gelled potion to dry completely, which is usually about 45 to 55 minutes.

With the proper care and maintenance, Quick Weaves normally last 2 to 3 weeks.

Video instructions to help you learn how to create perfect Interlock Weaves.

Marquetta Breslin

CEO & Founder