My Shoulder Length Hair Was Ripped Out!

I’m so upset right now!

Two days ago I decided to take my weave out and wear my real hair for about a month to let it breathe until it was time for me to get it done again.

The process was going smooth, I had about another inch of growth and was so excited!

Once I removed the weave, I proceeded to shampoo my hair with a clarifying shampoo. I always clarify my hair to rid it of any residue
and dirt after removing braids, or weave.

I didn’t have my normal Clarifying Shampoo from Mizani, so I decided to use something different. BIG MISTAKE!

This time I had someone else shampoo my hair and once my hair was shampooed I noticed two huge knots almost like locs, in the top of my head. There was one on each side.

I reached my hand up to feel my hair and all I can say is O-M-G! My hair was in such a huge knot that I cant even begin to explain that I saw and felt.

During the detangling process I applied my K-PAK, and Moroccan Oil and started to detangle. That helped to loosen it up a bit.

While my hair was being detangled I could hear my hair breaking and ripping!  3 1/2 hours later over 90% of the knots in my hair was

By this point I was in tears! I was too scared to access the damage‚ but when I did my worst fear had come to life.

Some of my hair was only 2 inches long in some areas of my head! My hair went from being healthy, thick and long to scraggly, thin, and short in some areas.

The worst part was when I got home I had areas that were still in knots! I used some Miss Jessies detangling products and that worked wonders! I wish I’d had that earlier, maybe if I did I’d have more hair.

So right now I’m deciding if I should cut my hair and start all over or just keep going and even it up later. I’ll let you know what I decide.

Regardless, my plan is to keep my hair in sew in’s and load up on the AfriGrowth60!

My hairgrowth vitamin AfriGrowth60 had a LOT to do with my growth progress. If you look on my Facebook at my hair album you can see the progress over the months.

It’s an amazing product! If you’re having any growth issues, definitely give it a try I’ll be sure to keep you posted on my progress.

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Be Blessed
Marquetta Breslin

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  • Jujajun99

    Yeah, I took down a weave, only one I ever had, and felt like the LORD was telling me to prepoo or dc I guess, I put on my hair instead of washing it after the taper down to fine tooth comb method of detangling, a treatment conditioner called Self-Absorbed by TIGI Bedhead overnight. Next morning I rinsed that out and proceeded from there with the routine of washing. I was really happy with my hair and just in love with it and all the growth. My color was so rich it looked black. Hope this helps.

    Still, by now this is almost old news and your hair is already growing back!-^_^-


    Hello Marquetta,
    I know this is a late post but I understand your frustration…. The same thing happened to me except my hair is natural. Needless to say, I lost volume and thickness of my curly hair. So now back to braids and cutting every six weeks. I must say that the AG60 works for me.