How To Grow Your Edges With Simple Products – Episode #11

It’s Hump Day! I just wanted to recap everything that went on last week since it was so busy. So here goes…

1. Dan the “liferegenerator” on YouTube was here teaching Ricky and I how to eat Raw, and get healthy! While he was here Dan and I filmed “The Ultimate Hair Tonic” video. If you haven’t checked it out be sure to do so by going to the link below.

2. While Dan was here he filmed a DVD/Digital Download called “Lose 1 Pound A Day The Healthy Way” . When we filmed last week for the product I had already lost 12lbs in 9 days and now I’m down 15lbs! Dan and I also filmed a 55 minute interview that is awesome! You can check this out on the links here as well.

3. Lately I’ve been answering over 600 Facebook messages and I wanted to address what seemed to be the most common question answered. The most common question was: “Marquetta, I’m loosing my edges and my nape, is there anything you can do to help me out?” Of course I can! :-) I really take my time and address this question on the video and I also provide links to the products I’m referring to in the video as well so you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

Well, that pretty much sums up everything from last week. Stay tuned for some really cool videos! I’ll be filming from Vegas and New York within the next few weeks so be ready for that! Take care and be blessed!

Cool Things Mentioned In This Video

AfriGrowth60 – This is what I use to promte hair growth.

Dr Miracles Damaged Hair Medicated Treatment – This is a great product if your edges and nape are thinning.

Hair Tonic Video – This video will give you the recipe to the ultimate hair tonic so you can drink your way to long healthy hair!

Joico K-Pak – This is the most amazing deep conditioner that I definitely suggest using.

Joico Silk Results – This is what I recommend as a daily moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

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  • jerrita


  • Marquetta Breslin

    Yaa! For some reason I’ve been getting this question a lot. I’m glad you enjoyed the information!

  • Easiebaby

    This is good info for the hair. Do you have something for i guess growing draulaff ( i think i spelled that wrong.) But i can wash my hair and everything and i still have flakes. Can u help me?

  • Marquetta Breslin

    Sometimes dandruff can be mistaken for dry scalp. Dandruff has a distinct odor. If you’re not smelling anything then it’s probably dry scalp. What are you shampooing your hair with?

  • NaturalDiva

    Hi Do you know if the Dr. Miracles is good for people with natural hair? Because my hair is thinning in the front of my head and I would like to find a natural product that can help

  • Brbrhyns

    Thanks Marquetta for all your information, you are a busy person but yet take time to keep us informed.
    You look great!!!
    Barbara H

  • Brbrhyns

    Thanks Marquetta for all your information, you are a busy person but yet take time to keep us informed.
    You look great!!!
    Barbara H

  • Sandie

    Thank U, so much God Bless, will you still have your front lace class later on this year in April?

  • Celestial

    Hi Marquetta,
    Thanks for the videos, they are awsome.
    I was wondering if the hair tonic can be drunk everyday and if it can be refridgerated and if so how long for?

    Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Tricia blassingill

    Marquetta, how do I know if im using the right ph balance shampoo on my hair and what is the best way to grow my hair?

  • Marquetta Breslin

    Yes! My hair was natural when I used it and it helped a lot!

  • Marquetta Breslin

    Thanks Barbara! I really appreciate that!

  • Marquetta Breslin

    Hey! Yes, the seminar is still on…hopefully I’ll get to see you there!

  • Marquetta Breslin

    Girl I drink my hair tonic daily! LOL! It’s good for 24 hours after it’s made. Be sure to keep it refrigerated.

  • Marquetta Breslin

    If you’re using the wrong pH balance shampoo your hair can feel a little brittle or rough. The normal pH for hair is level 5.

    The best way to grow your hair is to develop a regimen and stick to it. Use only high quality products and deep condition you hair on a regular basis. Also, dont forget those trims every 6 to 8 weeks and your hair should start growing! It’ also doesn’t hurt taking a HairGrowth vitamin to help speed up the process.

  • Jaekel

    Thanks for the great information.

  • Tonettalbrooks

    I have another tip for hair a grease that was made up by a friend of mine. at first I thought she was kind of crazy but it works. Another product that I have used is Wild Growth this oil really grows the hair. Kemi oil is also a good product to use, it is light and not to greasy.

  • Tonettalbrooks

    Also 911 as a leave in conditioner that is great and to stop hair lost 911 instant is good.

  • Csmith81880

    Hi I heard that you have a friend that made a home made hair grease. If so Please I would love to get that from you Please my hair will grow but then break off in the middle of my head while the rest is long.

  • Csmith81880

    Hi Marquetta I do thank you a lot for the videos you have sent to me. I have a question about my hair problem. Well here goes, I have always had very thick long hair all my life, at least up until some years ago. My hair will grow in the back, but then in the middle at the top towards the back of my head it will start to itch so,so,so very bad that I can’t help but to scatch it and it hurts too. Then within a matter of days my hair will break off so bad and quick that it’s not even funny, and I mean to the point that my hair would be about one inch long. I have went to the Doctor and they claim that they see nothing or feel nothing in/on my scapl. I don’t know really what to do, Please can you help me out. Have you ever heard of this kind of thing?

    Oh! sorry for this being so long I just need help.

  • Tiawright2000

    I totally agree with you Marquetta on that Joico K- Pak product. I Use the Joico Reconstructor and I create a cocktail with the Joico Intense Hydration Conditioner and it is awesome. It stops breakage and reinforces the hair with the keratin amino acids thats in it. I’ve seen it turn some seriously damaged hair back into beautiful, shiny, strong hair. The Silk Results is wonderful too.

  • Nitatimes2

    i have a question i had never perm my daughters hair before but after i flat ironed her hair her hair get tangled and she have a lot of new growth so i permed her hair with the kiddy olive oil perm i went a while without permin her hair and now her hair seems very dry and brittle should i continue perming her hair or was taht a big mistake to do in the first place haow do i get her hair back on track

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  • Sweetpunkin

    what type of perm is good for your hair

  • Terrybrii

    Thanks for your video’s. I watched the life regenerator video and he had a lot of interesting things to say. My daughter and I have thin hair and wanted to know if there is anything out there to help thicken up our hair. My mom has thin hair and so did my grandmother. Is that something that is inherited and there isn’t anything I can do? Keep up with the video’s I find them very interesting and look forward to watching them whenever there is one available. Good luck on your weight loss.