Lash Extensions & Brow Threading – Beauty Can Be Pain

A few months ago I was at the mall in Oklahoma. While I was there I spotted a kiosk in the mall that was offering Lash Extensions and Brow Threading.

My curiosity got the best of me and I had to try them both. I must say I LOVED the Lash Extensions, but hated the Brow Threading because it was so painful! Ok, maybe I have a small tolerance for pain, it wasn’t that bad. LOL!

Don’t forget to share your thoughts. I love to hear what you have to say! Talk to you soon!
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  • Nina

    Greeting, I had my eyebrows threaded once. It was painful also. It left my eyebrows sratched looking. I know she did her best. I like to tweeze my eyebrows myself. I never did the lashes yet. To be honest some women look hot. And some of the eyelashes to me are not that becoming. I just use mascara in different colors.The young lady kiosk was nice and sanitary looking .Blessssing to her. Please keep the videos coming. Grace & Peace Nina

  • tasha

    i have gotten my eyebrows threaded several times. only twice did it hurt. what i have learned is that it shouldn't hurt. if it hurts that means the person who is doing it has very little experience and/or has not gotten the technique down completely of pulling the brow hair out in the same direction that it grows. if the brow hair is threaded in that manner it will be slightly uncomfortable but not painful. that may be the reason why the other people getting the threading done was able to tolerate it better than you were. it just may mean that the other people had a more experienced person working on them.

  • Marquetta Breslin

    Thanks Tasha for sharing that information. I dont think it was the young lady, it was probably my low tolerence for pain. I cant even stant to get them waxed or tweezed either! LOL There was a young lady that got her's done after me by the same lady that said she it wasnt painful at all.

  • Marquetta Breslin


    I'm getting use to tweezine my eyebrows. It still hurts, but I think I can shape them better because I know exactly what I want. How long have you been tweezing yours?

  • Marquetta Breslin

    The Kiosk/Salon I was at was called The Oxford Spa & Salon ( located in Oklahoma City.

  • Nell

    I love the little impromptu video! I must be honest, I didin't even know what lash extensions were. I thought, “oh, my goodness, there's now a weave for eyelashes!” LOL. I did see on you tube a young lady that had a eyebrow weave. Yikes! That was scary. But anyways, I'd try the lash extensions for an event and I usually get my eyebrows threaded. The first time it was uncomfortable, but not anymore. You can try using products for sun burn and those topical ointments for burns, scrapes/pain BEFORE you get your eyes threaded. Thanks Marquetta!

  • Anita

    Hello There ~

    Thanks for the latest video. We have several locations in the Tampa Bay area that provide eyebrow threading. I have not tried this process myself. I think that I will stick with plugging – maybe the pain level is comparable.

    Take Care,

  • Francine Sherald

    Hello Marquetta,

    I Went on a trip to Savannah GA, and @ one of the malls they were set up doing the Brow Threading and out of curiousity I decided to get mine and my daughters done, it lasted about 2 months and I really enjoyed my brows lasting that long verses waxing but yes mam' it hurt like the devil. Will I ever do it again ?? If I were to do it again I will have to be very very very DRUNK (LOL) Yes I tried the lash extenions also not a good experience , that evening my eyes got irritated but not from the extensions because they normally get irritated from the wind and air, hair products _ but I placed a warm compress on my eyes and Oh my Lawd , I wish I was told by the salon not to apply heat because they started falling out , 25 bucks went down the drain in a matter of 4 hours . So with the lash extentions never again will I ever allow anyone to use the Black hair glue to apply my lash extentions. I should of known better about the heat but I wan't thinking. just my experience, Francine Sherald

  • janeeparsons

    I have enjoyed seeing all of your comments about my business. Thank you.

    When looking for an experienced lash technician in your area you are looking for someone who can apply 40-60 lashes in about 1 1/2 hrs, uses a medical grade glue, and has attended some training class ( has a list of certified technicians in your area).

    For threading you must hold your skin tight when receiving this procedure. The scratches that Nina is referring to is common when the skin isn't held tight and the thread actually pinches the skin leaving scratch marks. Not good! Also, the pain of threading lessens the more you thread them. The root is left so weak after threading because of the twisting of the thread that the hair will grow back less and less often. I have approx 500 client who come through the salons for waxing or threading and I can say its about split down the middle 50/50 as a matter of preference. That's why we offer both! The most important thing is to have your brows shaped and measured by a licensed professional who specializes in brow shaping. When you go to a professional who is skilled in all methods then the choice is yours.

    Thank you Marquetta for your interest in my business. Next, I think you should try a Brazilian Sugaring (yes, a Brazilian wax done with a Sugaring technique for speed and less pain!). Let us know!

    If anyone is interested in opening your own Wink, Inc franchise please contact me at

  • latreasa

    I thread my own eyebrows…it did hurt when I first did it but it got better once I realized how to do it the right way. I actually learned how to do it by watching Indian ladies do it on utube..funny I know but it worked out for me.

  • netta6

    The last time I got my eyebrows threaded the lady cut me she didn't even tell me when I left the shop I felt something getting in my eye it was blood from a cut below my eyebow. I haven't went back since. LOL

  • Marquetta Breslin

    Black Hair Glue!?! Oh my goodness! I've never heard of anyone using hair glue. Is this something new?

  • Marquetta Breslin

    Brazilian Sugaring? That sounds interesting Janee. Maybe I will do that the next time I come to Oklahoma!!

  • robinhaley

    I have had the threading done and at first it was a little painful but just like waxing, the more you do it, the less it hurts. I LOVE the threading because I think your able to get a more natural curve to your brows than with waxing – I love the way the Oxford on Location actually measures your brows so that you don't leave looking crazy because too much was removed! I love, love the fact that you do not need an appointment – I am a return customer and I recommend it to everyone I talk to!

  • Cary Biermann

    Aren't women brilliant?? What a great idea to set up a kiosk for “detail work” like that! I'm a licensed hairdresser and business owner in California, and I can appreciate a great idea when I see one. Sanitation is critical, of course, and I might think about using a small screen while having my clients lay down for any reason in public, but other than that, Janee rocks.

    Marquetta, I don't want to skip you, either. You are my new found hero, and I use your videos to tighten up my own skill-set. I'm your average suburban white woman here in Silicon Valley and my demographic (client base) is the same as me, so I can't use the cornrows much, or some of your other art, but I do extensions and hair pieces and I use your ventilation technique and lace front placement on lots of pieces for men and women. You sure have it down, and have made my life so much easier. I can't thank you enough, and would love to talk with you about your e-business ideas and affiliations.

    From one Air Force Vet to another,


  • Justin

    SHUT UP!?!? That interview was fabulous! Obviously I need to make a trip to Oklahoma to have my brows done.

  • Marquetta Breslin


    Yes we women are brilliant! Thank you so much for those kind words. I'm so happy to hear that you're enjoying the DVDs!

    How long have you been out of the AF?

  • Nina

    Marquetta, I have been tweezing my eyebrows for almost 20 years or more now. I am 47. I use witch hazel or something after. Thanks for letting me know I can use it as well for my scalp. Blessing always ..Nina

  • Nina

    Thanks for the information. I might see her one day. I would check her out. Grace & Peace

  • MS

    I love eyebrow threading! I get mine done all the time! Plus it is more sanitary than waxing…

  • MS

    I am going to have to check out their services I live in Oklahoma City, OK, thanks for posting this!

  • Lakisa Curry Griffin

    Marquetta, I enjoy getting my eyebrows threaded. It lasts for so long. I have also wore lash extensions. I actually started doing lashes for my friends and family, years ago. Everyone that I know has used black hair glue ( bonding glue). It is a lot more reasonable than the surgical glue, which can cost $40.00 a bottle. The Ardell lash glue has the same ingredients as bonding glue.

  • Cary Biermann

    Hi Marquetta: I've been out since 1987 (Good Lord!), but the training never leaves you. I can't begin to describe the value to my career paths over the years, and how that initial management training has served me all along the way. I was an Air Passenger Specialist (60550) and did mobility all over the world. I'd vote for mandatory 2 year service for men and women if they ever put it to a vote. What a life changing experience for all.

  • vicky hall

    marquetta, you did what,? i like getting my brows done, i get mines waxs
    i always wanted longer eye lashs, but extensions i dont no about that.

  • Trina J.

    Hi Marquetta, this is my first time responding to your new website and I think that it is a great idea. In response to the eyebrow/eyelash subject, I have never had my eyebrows threaded or my lashes done ,i usually just get my eye brows waxed. But I think it is a great idea to have that available in the mall because after all I think that most people are looking convience when it comes to a lot of services. And I think that it is a plus that it is sanitary!

  • Erica Williams

    My question is do they last for that long even working out everyday? I would love to try eyelash extensions, but only if they last longer than a day of working out. i notice my eyelashes getting thinner and thinner. Please let me know. Thank you.

  • liah

    well maybe it is a little crazy to get your eyebrows done in the mall its very busy there
    but its also convenient and i wouild totally do it

  • teetee36


  • Sarah

    I love getting my eyebrows threading. Threading is the best way to get clean eyebrows with minimal pain. The best part about threading is that they last a little longer then a week than waxing and tweezing. If you haven't gotten your eyebrows thread , I would highly recommend it.

  • lafrances

    When I first heard about eye lash extentions my first thought was… what a cheater, how ever what ever it takes for bueaty….lol

  • Robin Turner

    All eyebrow threaders are not equal. There is a way you can do it and it not be painful. In fact, eye brow threading is better than waxing because you aren't putting hot wax on your skin and ripping it off of your face!

  • del

    I have never done anything with my eye brow until 3 months ago. Iwent to the mall and had my browas threaded. Needless to say I HAVE NOT YET GATHERED ENOUGH COURAGE TO GO BACK. I love my thick brows.

  • jecinter

    I love eye brow threading but i wouldn't do it in a noisy area. i like a relaxing instument music and i love someone who will at least take 10 to 15 minutes doing it and i feel less pain becoz she taking care of my sensitive skin around my eyes. i believe some of the beautician are doing it for money and thus they make it painful for they are rushing for cash rather than making the client feel good a but the treatment and want to come back for more.