Here’s How To Choose The Right Braiding Hair

In the past 6 years, I think the most asked question I get is, “Marquetta, girl what kind of hair do you use for your braids?” In this video, I explain different types of wet-n-wavy braiding hair available and the ones I choose to wear for braids and why.

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  • Sonia T.

    I would pick the his and hers hair b/c I live in San Diego. The braiding shops do not supply the hair so I have to buy the hair from beauty supply. Human braiding hair is very expensive out here. I would probably pick the Janet encore hair or the his/hers. I used the Janet hair and like it. I don't like a lot of curl with wet-n-wavy so a little is great for me.

  • mofromdabk

    You dont have to start with cheap hair ( cheap hair will make ur styles look bad) You have to get quality hair and pass that cost on to your customer. Dont sell yourself short. Also try to make deals with the hair suppliers if you buy more they tend to give you a discount.