Get 1-on-1 Training With Marquetta!

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Ever wonder just how far you could go…

…if you could learn proven hair braiding and weaving techniques, get tips for starting your own business, and enjoy private, personal instruction… from a world-renowned hair braiding expert?

Since I know that nothing comes close to beating face-to-face interaction, I’m offering exclusive 1-on-1 braiding and weaving training sessions with a master hair braider - yours truly! During this special session, I’ll get you started on a path to becoming a polished, skilled braiding and weaving professional.

Included in this informative one-hour session:

Guided instruction on how to create the hottest styles such as micro braids, kinky twists, weaves, or cornrows, using my own tried-and-true techniques. ‘Insider tips’ on how to create flawless finishes and add distinctive touches to your braids and weaves. Knowledgeable advice on how to achieve your own success as an in-demand hair braiding and weaving professional.

Up-close and personal braiding and weaving training such as this is virtually unheard of. To make an unbeatable offer even better, the cost of a 1-on-1 session with me is only $500.00 per hour. Come and experience what may be the most rewarding sixty minutes of your life!

Schedule your own “Appointment for Success”

To schedule a 1-on-1 training appointment with Marquetta please use the contact form or call us toll free at (800) 959-3681 for availability as my schedule fills up fast.


Hourly - $500.00
Daily - $3,500.00